Here is a snapshot of some of metric results for a few of our clients and what they experienced BEFORE connecting with Brandtail.

It's simple, the people that own the business work in the business - nothing beats real world experience and a hands on mentality. There are so many “text book” driven marketers out there and sometimes, that text book needs to be thrown away and bespoke solutions need to be formulated…That’s what we do! Every client is different. 

Client: Utility Locating.
Channels used: Google Ads
Objective: Leads

Prior to working with Brandtail:

  • CPC: $4.74
  • CTR: 1.78%
  • Google ad optimisation: 78%
  • Hard Conversions: 15 per month

When working with Brandtail:

  • CPC: $1.36
  • CTR: 9.17%
  • Google ads optimisation: 99% (average over 3 months)
  • Hard Conversions: 85 per month

Client Category: Automotive
Channels: SEO and Google Ads
Objective: Increase organic rankings and leads.

Prior to working with Brandtail

  • CPC: $4.86
  • CTR: 3.09%
  • Google ads optimisation: 72.5% (average over 3 months)
  • Hard conversions: 60 per month

When working with Brandtail:

  • CPC: $0.86
  • CTR: 11.78%
  • Google ads optimisation: 97.8% (average over 3 months)
  • Hard Conversions: 190 per month
Client Category: Media
Objective: Increase Brand perception and leads
Channel: SEO
Timing: 07 months
  • Google Rankings have increased 3702 positions! This is an increase of 1236% in 7 months. 
  • The number of search terms that the client ranks for has increased by 378%
  • 334 Backlinks have been accepted, both text and image.
  • Number of Organic Impressions per month has increased by 250% and sits now at over 60,000 impressions per month!
  • Clicks to the website from an organic ad increased by 200%.