We’re about making your business communication life easier.

As an agency, we’re brutally honest, we have your business interests at heart.

We guarantee our range of deliverables originate from best of breed thinking which ensures you reap the rewards through a robust ROI.

We’re not afraid of accountability, budgets and deadlines, we actually thrive on it.

At Brandtail, we develop your media and creative strategy based on your objectives. We collaborate to optimise media channels and creative to deliver the content and most appropriate messages to your most valuable customers.

Let us prove it!

“I worked with the Directors of Brandtail during my time as CEO of aussieBum and I rate them as the best in their field”

Greg O Shea.

What You Can
Expect from Brandtail

“We are really thrilled with this campaign. It would be hard not to be!!!
You guys are fabulous!”

Cathy Troy

Communications Officer
John XXIII CPS & St Mark’s Catholic College

We are media agnostic.

Brandtail provides access to all channels in the media marketing mix as well as creative ideation and execution. We’re driven by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time, every time.

We don’t favour any one medium, we assess the challenge at hand then find the platforms most strategically appropriate to achieve the desired outcome.

We’re Australian Made.

We’re Sydney based but Nationally capable.

Founded by Daniel Guest and Andrew Douglas, we are wholly Australian owned comprising a team of professional marketers with over 45 years of communication experience and that’s just between the partners!

What We provide?

We’re full of it!

Service that is! – As a full-service agency, we utilise the ‘best of breed’ industry partners to deliver the very best outcome for every client.

This approach ensures your marketing and advertising is fully integrated.

Our Clients

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