School Sail Training

School Sail Training

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School Sail Training

The RPAYC uses the Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Dinghy Program and may enhance it to suit the needs of students if need be. The various programs aim to provide a clear introduction and extension of skills into the sport of sailing, whilst also building upon friendships and companionship among students.

Schools may be involved in Learn to Sail, Out There Youth, Fleet Racing and Teams racing and Sportsboat racing where a specialised program has been developed to train students.

The RPAYC also extends an invitation to all students to compete in the Sunday Centreboard Series in the Puffin Pacers or if the student has their own dinghy class, in that class.

The following programs will be run:

Learn To Sail

The program aims to provide a clear introduction and extension of skills into the sport of Sailing, whilst also building upon friendships and companionship among students.

Optimists | Yr 4

  • To introduce those with no previous experience to the sport of sailing.
  • To promote enjoyable, safe and healthy use of our waterways.
  • Then to develop basic boat handling skills.

Hobies | Yr 5

  • To promote enjoyable, safe and healthy use of our waterways.
  • Introduction to multihulls.
  • Development of seamanship.
  • Basic wind awareness and sail trim.

Pacer | Yr 6

  • Further develop boat handling skills.
  • Introduce then develop an intermediate to advanced understanding of Fleet Racing tactics.
  • To introduce and develop an intermediate level of understanding of the Racing Rules of Sailing and their application to Fleet Racing.

Race Training

  • Further develop boat handling skills.
  • Development an understanding of Fleet and Teams Racing tactics and strategy.
  • To develop an understanding of the Racing Rules of Sailing and their application to both Fleet and Teams Racing.

Teams Racing

The aims of the Tuesday Racing Squad are as follows:

  • Develop student’s boat handling skills.
  • Improve wind awareness and Sail Trim.
  • To develop an understanding of Teams Racing tactics and strategy.
  • To develop an understanding of the Racing Rules of Sailing and their application to Teams Racing.
  • Continue to build and strengthen the Pittwater High School sailing team with a view to helping sailors to achieve their goals at Schools teams racing events.

Combined Schools Sportsboat

The Secondary Schools Sportsboat Program will run during the 4th & 1st terms, with both on & off water training and regatta experience. The program focuses on building core team work dynamics and basic sail trim techniques. There is the scope to integrate newbie sailors onboard with seasoned dinghy and/or keelboat sailors. Athletes will focus on refining their skillsets in the following areas . The training will be conducted in the clubs fleet of Elliott 7 Sportsboat.

  • Understand and develop keelboat boat handling skills including the dynamics of both asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers
  • Fleet Race training and Regatta experience
  • Developing a deeper understanding and knowledge base of the Racing Rules of Sailing
  • Implementing changes from dinghy fleet racing tactics to keelboat racing
  • Execution of better teamwork dynamics
  • Brief introduction into match racing
  • Gain regatta experience at RPAYC One-Design events
  • Opportunities sailing keelboats via crewing on Members Boat

OutThere Youth Program

OutThere Youth Program is an opportunity for 12 – 17 year olds looking to try something new on the water.

The OutThere Youth Program offers a fantastic way to experience sailing, have fun and learn exciting and valuable skills that will help you both now and in the future. OutThere Sailing is open to all – you don’t have to have sailed before.

In most cases you will be on the water from day one as part of a group with an instructor close at hand. Depending on your location, you could be sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, going on a keelboat or powerboat!


This course is designed to teach you from the basics of Windsurfing, right through to racing (depending on the group’s ability).

The program is designed to assist participants in obtaining the necessary skills to deal with all weather conditions, recognise their own limitations and have respect for the elements and provide them with the skills and experience to enjoy the thrill of windsurfing all on the beautiful Pittwater!

A qualified AS instructor will be on water and take you through the basics of windsurfing before participating in a casual fun manner in the race.

There is no experience necessary and no assumed knowledge, just come along to have fun and we’ll take care of the rest!

Paddle Boarding

In our Stand Up Paddle package you will learn the entry level skills of stand up paddling up to racing. This is all about having fun and getting a taste for on water activities,  all whilst exploring beautiful Pittwater. Each lesson is adapted to suit the overall ability of the group so everyone is able to learn and have a great time!

The lesson is conducted on hard epoxy boards. We teach the basics of Paddle Boarding including but not limited to:

  •  Correct body posture
  • Setting up your paddle and paddling technique. 
  • Paddling upwind. 
  • Turning and manoeuvring your board. 
  • Water safety.
  • Basic weather understanding. 

2020 Pittwater Schools Team Racing Regatta

Friday Twilight and Saturday full day regatta! A fantastic training regatta, with the main objective of getting out on the water and building our team racing regatta skills. Having a great time as well is obviously paramount along with safety.

To make this regatta affordable and logistically possible, we have come up with the following modifications to allow the regatta to run:

This event is for schools run by schools and the Club, assistance is asked for help from those schools competing to provide their senior sailors to assist with umpiring the racing. Any parents who have Racing Rules knowledge and would like to get involved in this technical part of the sport are more than welcome to try their hand in umpiring.
Please keep in mind that this event, not only will the sailors be continuously learning, but so will the umpires!

For those wanting a great way to refresh their brain on the teams racing rules this Teams Racing call book published by World Sailing is a great way to refresh and learn the rules in applied scenarios

We are very lucky through the generous cooperation of Pittwater schools, access to 25 pacers. Whilst all the boats are built to the pacer One Design Rule, there are some small variances amongst the boats such as age of boats, sails and rigging. In an ideal world we would have all teams swapping after each race and the same generations of Pacers versing one another (e.g Knox pacers v Knox pacers), however this would take up considerable amount of time and more additional resources as well as making it very difficult to for the race committee and finish boat to come up with a draw mapping all this out.

Should there be a major variance in speed between some of the boats, this may be addressed at the end of the round robin. Again, a sailors talent, smooth boat handling, strategy and tactics should help make up for any speed variance between the boats.

Schedule of Events:

Date Event Time / Location
28.02.20 Series Entries Close Complete Entry below
06.03.20 Registration 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  Competitor Briefing 4.30pm
  First Warning Signal 5.00pm
  Competitor Sausage Sizzle 7.00pm
07.03.20 Competitor Briefing 12.30pm
  First Warning Signal 1.00pm
  Competitor Sausage Sizzle 6.00pm


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